Minna Rainio (b. 1974, Finland) and Mark Roberts (b. 1970, England) are a Finland based artist duo who produce large-scale, moving-image installations.

Their heavily research-based work investigates the impact of social and political power on individual experience and history, and its manifestation in physical spaces. Their installations often create immersive spaces that mirror the subjects of their artworks, and implicate the spectator as a participant in the implementation of power relations. Their visual language frequently employs narrative techniques to create a “documentary fiction” that reveals the connections between the personal, political, social, commercial, and ecological spheres, and their effect on our everyday lives.

Their major works include How Everything Turns AwayMaamme / Vårt LandEight RoomsAngles of IncidenceBorderlands, and Some we kept, some we threw back.

Rainio & Roberts have exhibited extensively in Finland and internationally. Their solo exhibitions include Luleå Kulturenshus, Sweden (2014), Peri Photography Gallery, Turku, Finland (2014), Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland (2012), Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis, USA (2010), and the Finnish Cultural Institute, Paris France (2009).

Their works have also been presented in numerous group exhibitions, including ICPNA, Peru (2014), MEC, Montevideo, Uruguay (2014), Preus Museum, Norway (2013), Pori Art Museum, Finland (2013), Governer’s Island, New York (2011), Thionville, France (2008), Finnish Photography Triennial (2006), and Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki (2004). 

Their work has been selected for exhibition by renowned curators such as Kararina Gregos, Ritva Röminger-Czako, Andreas Vowinckel, Leena-Maija Rossi, Kari Soinio, and Marketta Seppälä.